“Oh, there’s nothing like a bit of exercise to get the old blood flowing.”

“Revenge is all that’s left, Hercules. We wage a war against Hera-- you and me. We’ll turn everything she ever touched into rubble.”

“You didn’t look into his heart. If ya did-- you’d have seen it was broken.”

“Don’t doubt me, Lykus. I’ve fried bigger fish than your She-demon. You know? When Hercules and I were-- battling the Titans-- we were up against bearded behemoths-- eight feet tall-- no ten-- even twelve. We still managed to beat back two waves of those ugly brutes. [Chuckles] I tell ya-- my head was echoing with the clang of swords for weeks after that-- oh, yeah.”

“This is what they got for not sacrificing their firstborn sons? Someone should turn Hera to stone.”

“I’ve resisted many women in my time. It’s a special power I have.”