01. Be Deviled 1999-10-02 calendar
Hercules must struggle to defeat his dark side when a demonic Serena look-alike plans to capture his soul.

02. Love Amazon Style 1999-10-09 calendar
Deimos, the God of Terror, exploits a tribe of Amazons when Aphrodite accidentally puts them under a spell, making them subservient to men. Hercules must stop Deimos before he recovers the fragments of the Chronastone, which--if reassembled--will make him all-powerful.

03. Rebel With a Cause 1999-10-16 calendar
Hercules teams up with Oedipus to overthrow the evil King Creon and make Princess Antigone Queen of Thebes.

04. Darkness Visible 1999-10-30 calendar
When they visit their old friend Prince Vlad, Hercules and Iolaus nearly wind up dead...or undead!

05. Hercules, Tramps & Thieves 1999-11-06 calendar
Hercules and Autolycus team up to stop Autolycus' ex-wife from robbing the First Greek Bank.

06. City of the Dead 1999-11-13 calendar
Hercules and Iolaus travel to Egypt on a diplomatic mission only to become embroiled in a royal family feud that threatens the life of Queen Nefertiti.

07. A Wicked Good Time 1999-11-20 calendar
Discord bands together a group of highly impressionable teenagers, while the wicked Haleh seduces the daughter of Hercules' friend into joining her coven of witches.

08. Full Circle 1999-11-27 calendar
Zeus releases Hera from the Abyss of Tartarus, inadvertently freeing the Titans Helios, Oceanus and Atlas, who are hell-bent on revenge. Hercules and Iolaus race to stop them from destroying the world.