I: “Oh, there’s nothing like a bit of exercise to get the old
blood flowing.”

H: “Speak for yourself.”

I: “Oh, come on-- don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it, Hercules.
I saw that look on your face.”

H: “Well, then you’d better remember it, because I’m not gonna
wear it again.”

I: “I saw them, Hercules-- Deianeira and the kids-- when I
was-- ”

H: “Are they OK?”

I: “Yeah, they’re fine. Now that they’re free of the evils on
Earth-- their only problem is missing you.”

H: “Yeah-- I miss them, too. But I don’t know a cure for that.”

I: “Death is the only cure-- but they don’t want you to die.
They know how much good you have left to do. Hold them in your
heart-- till it’s time.”

H: “I will, Iolaus-- right there with you.”