Lykus: “Maybe I’m in the wrong place. I’m looking for Hercules.”

H: “I’m Hercules! But I still can’t help everybody whose path I

Lykus: “Then you’re not the Hercules I’ve heard so many stories

H: “Not anymore.”

Lykus: “Where’s your respect for the gods?”

I: “In a pig trough, where it belongs. Hercules deserves our
respect now-- and our sympathy.”

Alcmene [Alc]: “Hercules?”

H: “Mother. How did you know?”

Alc: “Zeus told me.”

H: “He doesn’t have the courage to talk to me, huh? My own

Alc: “No, Hercules-- not now. There’s plenty of time for anger.
But your grief-- has to come first.”

Guard: “Halt!”

H: “That’s no way to say, ‘Hello’.”

Guard: “No offerings today, pilgrim. They’re showing a thief
the truth and the light.”

H: “The truth and the light. Hmm-- but Hera’s the daughter of

Guard: “Blasphemer! What is your name?!”

H: “Hercules.”

H: “I think you already know. I’m gonna do what my wife and
kids would want me to do-- help people.”

Aegina: “Well, you’re already helping me, if you’re lookin’
for a place to start.”

H: “Yeah, but-- you’re not the only person from Ister who
reached out to me. There was a farmer and I-- I turned him
down. I can’t remember ever doing something like that. But--
now that I’m going to Ister, I wonder if-- ”

Aegina: “He’d still want you to help him?”

H: “I hope so.”

Aegina: “He’d be a fool not to. I mean, after all, you’re